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Roof Cleaning
Let Soap Slingers bring your roof back to life.


you having problems with roof moss or black streaks on your roof? Let our professional technicians restore the natural beauty to your house.


What is it?

Most roof stains are usually caused by the growth of algae, moss or lichen colonies that feed on the organic matter found in your roof makeup.

Will it cause damage?

Yes, the makeup of these damaging substances feed on the limestone that is found in your roofs shingles. Over time it will eat away at your shingles causing premature replacement. It is definitely worth getting treated to save the life of your roof, not to mention it will restore the natural beauty of your home.

What we do?

Our professional technicians will arrive at your home at the scheduled appointment time. We will apply a first coat of treatment to the more severe areas and will let it sit for a period of 10 minutes to allow it to start killing the bacteria at the root base. We will then apply a coat to all areas of growth and allow it to sit for another 15 to 25 minutes to ensure all root base has been killed. We will then clean your roof using our low pressure high volume soft wash system which will leave your roof looking as if it were brand new again. You will instantly see the results of the treatment. We will then take a look at the roof with the customer to ensure all expectations have been met and exceeded.

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