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Soap Slingers Window Cleaning LLC has the capability to keep your entire fleet looking sharp. Whatever your fleet vehicles, Soap Slingers can maintain your image; clean and professional. We utilize hot water pressure washing and cleaning agents on the cutting edge of the product line. Our Technicians are carefully trained to ensure that your fleet of vehicles is clean, protected, and well taken care of.

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With our focus on customer service you'll never wait to speak to the right person.


With our route scheduling program, you know your fleet is getting the attention it needs at the frequency you decide.


Receive fleet vehicle washing the right way, every time, and maintain your peace of mind.


Soap Slingers carries $2 million liability insurance.


Soap Slingers knows the chemistry and the techniques to get you the desired product at a reasonable cost.


Our work is 100% guaranteed.


Soap Slingers is aware of all environmental regulations and operates in accordance with them.


Soap Slingers ensures that all run-off water is properly dealt with in line with site specifications.


Soap Slingers employs a water reclamation system in all needed circumstances.


Soap Slingers' operations observes the safety of our technicians, your assets, and the environment.

Reclaimed and recycled water , wastewater reuse or water reclamation, is the process of converting wastewater into water that can be reused for other purposes. Our water reclamation process protects the water table and the surrounding environment . Using a water filtration system we can reuse the wash water and perform a consistent wash even without water on site.


When cleaning cars, it is important to spray from one end of the lot to another, dirty to clean, to avoid spraying dirty water onto an already clean product.

To clean a car properly, we start with the roof and spray directionally with the grooves of the body. This ensures that no details of a vehicle are missed.

On every vehicle, special attention is paid to details like the front grill and the wheel wells. This guarantees a perfect product every time, no matter how many units are serviced.

Lot safety is a top priority. During a wash hoses are clearly marked and kept out of walk up areas. Hose rub is avoided on property and product by the use of mark free hoses and professional care.

A Perfect truck and trailer requires a strategic approach. High pressure water heated to 180 degrees removes grease from the frames, bugs from the air dam, windshield, mirrors and grill. It also activates the used detergents to clean at a higher level without damage to your assets.

An excellent cleaning process pays attention to the details, such as the exhaust stack, fuel tanks, and wheel rims.

Road grime takes the proper union of technique and detergent to effectively remove.

Our uniformed professionals are safety trained and effectively outfitted. Reflective vest, safety cones, and observance to lot safety is company standard.

Our mobile fleet wash service maintains the capabilities and safety of your assets. Clean equipment lasts longer and operatives more effectively.

Without the proper techniques and equipment, cleaning complicated machinery can be hazardous to the operator.

Cleaning machinery reduces boom weight, operating temperatures and chances of rust build up and other degradation.. It is also far easier to inspect and operate.

Company pride is communicated through equipment presentation to both clients and employees. Make the statement you want with clean fleets and equipment.